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t subsidies ▓for downsizing their herds, as well as job opportunit▓ies in environmental conservation projects near their hom▓es, says Zhang.Dradul, a farmer-turned-forestry worker in Zayul County of Nyingchi Prefecture, earned 14,000▓ yuan (2,060 U.S. dollars) last year by patrolling a n▓atur

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e reserve near his home and looking afte▓r the woods. "Before I took the job in 2005, my family of six made 3,400 yuan by toiling on the fa▓rm."Dradul is among 80,000 forestry workers in Tibet. The regional environment protection bu▓reau says their average annual wage was 5,▓625 yuan last ye

" says Zhang. "It's amazing any plants grow at a

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ar.Meanwhile, the wide use of methane gas in rural Tibet has also improved the▓ plateau environment and saved at least 1,000 yuan in coal and firewood for each family every year."For many generations, we burned cattle manure for cooking and heating. Its smell was suf▓focating," says Dradul

traditionally infertile land of northern Tibet a

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, whose wife cooks with methane, piped to the stove from a methane pit in the backyard.Methane pits, which are cove▓red holes where waste can ferment and create u▓sable gas, have provided clean energy and saved fuel for 114,000 Tibetan famili▓es, according to the regional government.By th

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e end of this year, the figure is expected to reach 200,000. URUMQI, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) --▓ Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has promised to take effective measures to help people through the worst snow in Xinjiang in six decades, said a statement▓ from the State Council General Office Monday.Wen vi